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E7F Phew! That's done! This thing is the longest one-shot I've ever made in my Fanfiction.

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen. As you already should know I am the amazing, all powerful Abobynous, your entertainment for tonight, today, tomorrow You see, this story came to fruitition because a I am bored b I am clearly horny and c I have noticed a very disturbing lack of quality Pokeshipping my first ever ship, squees are in order smut.

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So Y'all ready for a "cheating" fanfic?! It's juicy! You have been warned!

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More humor, more screwing, more everything! Also, it's more of a fic for males, than for females. The reason is because I'm a male, and I portray how males think in this story, more so than females. So the sex that is had, isn't what you'd call "love making.

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Welcome Everyone to my first ever harem fanfiction story! This would have never been possible without Hotstreak's inspiration and encouragement so half of the credit goes to him. Anyways as you may know when starting your Pokemon Journey you're 10 so please leave if you hate lemons like this.

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Ash walks takes out Dexter and points it at the creature. Burrows to suck tree roots. The mushroom on its back grow by drawing nutrients from the bug host.

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Authors Note: This is my first lemon, so please no flames. This is also my second fanfics. Don't forget to review plz.

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You see in Match I watched "Pokemon scent- sation! But I only caught the final battle and not knowing what was going on I cheered at that time for Kadabra. This is probably why Erika and Sabrina are my favorite two gym leaders and overall favorites. It was the first time in years I watched classic Pokemon which used to be my life when I was little and it inspired me and then later and I remembered this story.

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Warning for those who accidentally clicked on to this M fic, and a notification for those who purposely did so. Though this is way out side my usual range, I've decided to do something naughty for a change. This fic will allow me to use words and situations I can't use in my other T fics listed under a different author name I will be using more mature humor which means immature and I can go further with the many sex scenes you will encounter.

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Game Freak does. Ash hummed a bit as he walked the streets of Cerulean City. He had decided to challenge himself by going through the regions he previously journeyed through and redo their leagues. As such he was doing his native Kanto region again to get a better ranking in the Indigo League.


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