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Updated June 18, An Indigenous boy with an intellectual impairment was kept "completely naked" for days inside Brisbane's adult maximum-security police watch house after being deemed a suicide risk. An officer from the Queensland Department of Child Safety raised "high concerns" for the boy and asked for help to get the police to provide him some clothes.

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It was during our second natural birth prep class that I heard it for the first time. We sat on the floor in the dim yoga studio, with tapestries and pillows under us to really up the hippie-factor. It was a given, thrown out there are a non-negotiable: women give birth naked.

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Sarah Schmid, 36, had all six of her children - Johanna11, Jonathon, 10, Emanuel, eight, Elisabeth, six, Konstantin, three, and, Kiran, one - outside of hospital. After having Johanna at home in Septemberwith the help of a midwife but no pain relief, for her second, Jonathon, she decided to forgo any medical assistance. I tried to learn everything about birth I thought I should know.

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No matter how you give birth c-section or va-j you will have postpartum bleeding. This delightful discharge is called lochia and it sounds about as appealing as it is. It lasts as little as two to three weeks or as long as six weeks after birth.

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Imagine giving birth to a baby girl in a place where even the richest and most powerful women are subjugated, oppressed and physically abused. June Elisabeth Moss not only does this in Season 2, Episode 11, but she does it while stranded alone in the snow in the house of the couple that essentially kidnapped her first-born daughter, with no epidurals or doctors or even electricity, facing down a dire wolf. They trade barbs like a normal married couple, except not normal at all.

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All childbirth is a trauma to some degree. When I drove my wife to the hospital for the birth of our first I was in a pretty chill mood. Our friends already had kids and there was no reason to think it would be a problem for us.

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By Louisa Peacock. Five months into this whole new world of giving birth, I hadn't actually thought about that. Hospital: 'You may not have a midwife when you give birth'.

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Simone Thurber, 43, has spoken out about the reaction to the film and has said how proud she is of the footage. The mother-of-four said she is shocked by the attention the footage received since it was uploaded in She said: "I am not a hippy drippy mum but I wanted my fourth child to be born away from beeping machines and a hospital environment.

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Australian Women's Weekly. Should I neaten up my bikini line before giving birth? They said it was because the doctor might need to do an episiotomy and it would make it easier to repair the cut.

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Even those of us who don't have kids have the occasional dream about babies — you know, the one where you misplace your baby, or forget that you ever had a baby, or you're nursing your baby and then look down and realize that your baby has transformed into an extra-large cheese pizza? Totally normal dream stuff. But sometimes, the sudden appearance of a baby can make your dreams a little more stressful and high-stakes than usual.


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