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Do you wanna crawl around in the dirt, can't get off your knees to get back to the herd? You do the time while others do the crime. Your whole life is falling down.

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Kanye: This song's for all the posers tryin' ta make out that they all bad an' shit Man, y'all spread it so thick you could mulch my lawn I don't claim to be a bad gangsta like y'all wannabes Ya see, I'm just a regula nigga an I'm keepin' it real Hey, Hey. Mario: I ain't no gangsta an' I ain't no thug The F. Kanye: T's like dese cat's dat I see all be tryin ta front If ya see me on the block, I'm just out havin' fun When I see a cop crusin' I don't take off on a run Feel that bulge in my pocket, that's me, girl, tain't no shotgun.

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I was PeeWee Double B. How the hell did that happen? I wish I had a heartwarming story for you.

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Two weeks ago, our dear friend Johannes Hossfeld, director of the Goethe Institute, left Kenya for his new posting in Munich. His replacement, Dr Nina, seems pretty cool and easy herself. Save Africa Souls: Now, this type of mzungu is not bad at all. Note — I am not talking about genuine do-gooders; I am talking about those doggone wanna-be whiteys with their poverty porn.

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The time has come, friends, to celebrate a significant milestone of what is statistically and emotionally one of the greatest songs of all time. A song so important it continues to be every ounce as relevant and iconic as it was when it was first released two decades ago, despite being written in just thirty minutes. A song whose five-note keyboard riff changed lives and forced "zig-a-zig-ah" to become an official part of the public lexicon.

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By JadedNovember 8, in The View. I checked out her twitter account a while back and amongst all of her ridiculous Blonde Republican, Rabble Rouser, Ice Queen nonsense, I did see a Bonnie and Clyde once, too. Oh Meghan, you are so cool!!!

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Knowing full well what short memories the public has and how gullible they are, Ms. Could it be she has a movie out? Oh, yes, she does!

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At what point, if you're a powerful person, does trying to influence the way the press covers you become an abuse of power? After all, it's hardly unusual that the powerful spend lots of money and energy shaping their coverage. For a politician the main job may be just that: spinning message, buffing image. So why is the allegation here that the financier, and would-be Car Czar, Steven Rattner influenced the New York press to bury or erase coverage of his wife's drunken driving episode more extreme than normally aggressive PR?

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Are you a deep space aro or a deep ocean aro? Are you a dusk or a dawn aro? Are you Christmas aro or a Halloween aro?

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Top definition. Wannabe unknown. Poser, follower, a charlatan of sorts. One who copies or immitates all or most of the aspects dealing with their idol.


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