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stretched balls tumblr
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I could feel them sprout, two thick bony protrusions from my head. I knelt and yanked down the waistband of his pants, and his giant semi-hard dick flopped out. There was a flash, and Robert looked dazed for a moment. Rubber Pup Practice : Transformation spells turn guys into obedient rubber pups! I felt the power of his dick pulling me in, and his cock seemed to get bigger and bigger and bigger until I was engulfed, pulled inward, squeezed tight in the darkness and falling. I landed in a soft, wet, humid chamber, and knew I was inside his balls. True Pups : University students and staff are caught by spells that change their bodies into sexual playthings and their minds from brainy academics to dumb sluts.

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Zoe. Age: 30.
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I felt a rubbing pressure around me, his fingers gently massaging my new home.

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Kora. Age: 24.
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My 2019 Tumblr Top 10! Let me know which one’s your favorite.

Men transformed and acting like pups, pigs, and donkeys; shrinking; hypnosis; furry transfurmations, nudity, body swaps, muscle and weight gain; nerds, jocks, rubber; cock TFs; and lots of gay male sex. Now naked and only about a foot tall, I tried to run, but his massive hand reached down to pick me up and place me on his furry chest. I was nuzzling his dick, kissing it gently and rubbing it against my face as his hand rested on the back of my head. I felt a little tag stickout out above the curly corkscrew tail over his ass, and I set him down to inspect it.

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