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The legend goes as follows: Nickelodeon Exec : We need a new show that will teach kids about life. Oh, i remember now, the skank's name is ms. A show that people on Urban Dictionary apparently hate on. All of the people writing these definitions of iCarly must have it confused it with a Disney channel show. The show is apparently introducing 10 year old girls to real life: Parental Abandonment, Dropping out of school, homosexuality, and of course, paying for college with camshows.

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Kali. Age: 28.
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Nobody is sure how iCarly came into existence.

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Ainsley. Age: 25.
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Jim: Yeah, can we go in half an hour? His father is never mentioned. He has no life of his own so he hangs out with carly and hits on her all the time I don't know how much they had to pay him to do that

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