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Unfortunately, she's also in danger of losing because her large breasts won't fit under the rope. Hell, in a few scenes, Nami will simply be standing around, perfectly still, and her boobs will just randomly bounce quite forcefully all on their own. Canon indicates that she does this on purpose to distract men. Naturally, Robin doesn't want to either, but they have little choice, or else Jump City would be overrun with Killer Moth's mutated swarm of moths. Most of her major scenes focus either on her flaming blue badassity, or her..

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Almost every female character in the anime Girls Bravo.

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The movement of her breasts even produces audible sounds! Parodied and lampshaded in an anime-original RPG Episode of Hayate the Combat Butler where the bouncing boobs of the RPG game's boss is focused on constantly and has a sound so audible a character points out that she hears the sound of the bouncing from a considerable distance away. Every single game from Japanese H-Game maker Illusion. It starts at Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 had the most extreme version of this looking at you, Selena Recital.

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