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Assorted Platter: Raspberry sphere with biscuit, konjac jelly and seaweed tempura with wasabi mayo. After 1 month of lights-hunting, we purchased the following:. Monday, 9 November Love Nest: Lights. First-time celebrating J's birthday as husband and wife. We have 8 track lights for the living area. If it wasn't for the maybank promotion, I would have used other CC and get it over and done with!

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Margaret. Age: 22.
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Common bathroom and yard will be using the square LED white light.

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Zion. Age: 30.
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They serve modern vegetarian cuisine with Japanese - European fusion. Sashimi with Quail Egg: Vegetarian sashimi made from aloe vera, konjac, coconut and pear. We replaced the bulbs to cool white after because the free bulbs were warm white and it was unbearably hot to dine with it. Monday, 9 November Love Nest: Lights.

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