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General Tom Thumb brought unparalleled joy to at least 50 million people in his lifetime. The man, once known as Charles Stratton, rarely knew a life away from the stage thanks to P. Charles Stratton was born on January 4,in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to a carpenter and a housewife.

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A prime example of this is the Circus Freak Shows dating back to as early as the 16th century in England. A Freak Show usually consists of a group of people that have deformities, odd talents, genetic anomalies and all other things that were amusing for poeple to look at and usually pay money to see the show. In England it started to become wildly popular people with with deformities began to be treated as an object for amusement and entertainment purposes only.

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Charles Sherwood Stratton was the four year old son of a Bridgeport, Connecticut, carpenter in when P. Barnum "discovered" him and transformed him into General Tom Thumb, an eleven-year old European marvel. Barnum trained the child to sing, dance, and imitate famous persons.

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He was the first major attraction promoted by the circus impresario P. Born to parents of normal stature, Charles Stratton ceased growing at the age of six months and remained 25 inches 0. He later grew to 40 inches 1 metre and 70 pounds 32 kg.

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Born inP. Barnum revealed his extraordinary talent as a salesman at an early age. Barnum wrote of his discovery of Tom Thumb in his autobiography: "I had heard of a remarkably small child in Bridgeport; and by my request my brother brought him to the hotel.

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He was born a dwarf, or person of short stature defined medically as someone whose adult height will not exceed more than four feet ten inches tall. Barnum moulded the young Stratton into the character of General Tom Thumb with excellent manners and a haughty air. He taught him various stage routines and dressed him in specially tailored character costumes as Napoleon Bonaparte and Cupid.

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There were more than 10, people attending the wedding in NYC. If you are not familiar with them, well they were rich, famous, and very handsome characters, both with a form of dwarfism. Lavinia Warren came from a very respectable family and worked as a school teacher since she was

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Charles Sherwood Stratton January 4, — July 15,better known by his stage name " General Tom Thumb ", was a dwarf who achieved great fame as a performer under circus pioneer P. Then he suddenly stopped growing. His parents became concerned when, after his first birthday, they noticed he had not grown at all in the previous six months.

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Born to a hardhearted carpenter in Bridgeport, Connecticut on January 4,little Charles Sherwood Stratton would go on to be the most famous midget in history. When he was discovered at the age of four by P. Barnum little Charles stood a mere 25 inches in height and weighed 15 pounds.

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It had to be an exceptional wedding to earn an entire column of space in the Post. The groom was Charles Sherwood Stratton, known to the U. His bride was colleague Lavinia Warren.


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