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The Wikia-based version also includes hyperlinks to supplemental information on ancillary topics , mostly things alluded to in the story, and the story itself also includes embedded music videos for most of the compositions mentioned. She said nothing, but slowly shook her head. Ahem : Chris theatrically clears his throat during the orientation tour when two contestants are talking about something unrelated instead of paying attention. Almost Dead Guy : The dying Katie snaps out of her delirium for long enough to say goodbye to Sadie and to say that she has accepted her apparent fate , thereby setting up a major character development scene for Sadie. Geoff: [T]he first time you got her mad, she'd snap you like a twig. Aside Comment : The Storyteller occasionally makes comments during a tale that are ostensibly directed at her son, but are in fact also directed at the reader. After a harrowing night lost in the woods, the half-dead pair discovers that they've unintentionally walked in a circle and spent the entire hellish trek only a stone's throw from base camp.

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Magic by Any Other Name : Dawn inverts this trope when she implies that her canonical psychic powers are actually magical in nature.

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He's Dead, Jim : Played with. The result is a more character-driven story than the original. Leshawna: Losing your first is always hard. The extraordinary effects just follow naturally.

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