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necrobabes post mortem
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And it would mean by mid-April the defendant had recovered from the shock of March 14 to return to surfing the internet for further images of dead, strangled women in a sexual context. He said: "If there was no affair before March 14 it would mean if this was a coincidence. Reading A closer look at how a run down corner of Reading will be transformed. Prospect Park Reading Carnival introduces dramatic changes after stabbing. Mr Kelsey-Fry told the jury: "These websites [Coutts accessed], with names such as necrobabes, violentpleasure, rapepassion, hanging bitches and deathbyasphixia, specialise in displaying images of women apparently being strangled, raped and killed.

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Reading A closer look at how a run down corner of Reading will be transformed.

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THE man accused of killing Jane Longhurst had asked an ex-girlfriend to let him strangle her until she blacked out, the jury heard. The day before Miss Longhurst disappeared on Friday, March 14, , Coutts allegedly trawled the net looking at websites about rape and asphyxiation sex, prosecutor John Kelsey-Fry QC said. When she was not there, Miss Longhurst was said to have spoken spoke to Coutts for seven minutes. Reading Group of five arrested on suspicion of impersonating police and taking valuables in Reading The group of men allegedly took bank cards, driving licences, Air Pods, wallets and money from their victims.

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