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Next Grant rubbed his hands through his newly long hair and his nest beard. Suddenly the object grabbed onto him "Ahh what the fuck" It wrapped around his shorts, they where Gaa shorts. Grant was at the beach one day, he got into the freezing cold water and couldn't stand the coldness. We were testing to see how people react to funny videos right. Micheals whole body began to change, first his feet got bigger and his legs got bigger giving him thick thighs, his ass and dick got bigger and thicker also his waist. He found a pair of underwear belonging to him, he grabbed it and ran into the bathroom and began to smell it.

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It smelt amazing, he got undressed and began to place the underwear on, as he was putting it on his dick got hornier, it then cummed into his eyes.

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Raven. Age: 24.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

A few months passed and he began to make new friends, a little more to his size. You form a six-pack covered by flab and huge arms and shoulders. Nathan had stayed relatively reclusive during his stay in high school avoiding the jocks and bullies was a talent of his.

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