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Marina's so much fun, but Troi is a little dull sometimes,' " relayed Sirtis. Nevertheless, she agreed to honor her vows taken years earlier, even though she had since become doubtful of them and would need to leave the ship with her new husband once they had been married. While attending a trade conference on Betazed, Deanna, along with Lwaxana and Riker, were captured by the Ferengi , who wanted to use Lwaxana's telepathic abilities to give them an advantage in negotiations. In Star Trek Nemesis , another long wig was used, with highlights and layers. Troi thereafter met her former patient Tam Elbrun again, when he was being transported by the Enterprise on an ultimately successful mission in which Elbrun made first contact with and subsequently remained with an alien lifeform that looked like an organic spaceship and was called " Tin Man ".

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Troi counseled him, and he eventually ended the program.

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Deanna Troi

Later that night, Barclay left his apartment and headed to Starfleet Command, where he finally managed to establish communication with Voyager. However, the idea was shot down by Rick Berman and Michael Piller , which displeased the actors, including Jonathan Frakes. I've got this from Majel [Barrett , Roddenberry's wife].

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