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dance moms slumber party playlist
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Lana Del Rey, "National Anthem" dir. Shortly after David Bowie succumbed to liver cancer on Jan. Hana explained , "but also the dangers of not daring to take a stand, to just swim along with the current. Over the decade to follow, countless artists would follow their examples, with music videos both casual and epic that managed to cut through the Internet's content overload and capture the national imagination like the Buzz Clips of yore. Kudos to DaBaby for understanding -- within his first year of hitmaking, no less -- that you can't be a true crossover superstar without making iconic music videos. Tierra Whack, the audacious Philly rap artist, has never kept with the status quo.

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Skrillex, "First of the Year Equinox " dir.

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The 100 Greatest Music Videos of the 2010s: Staff Picks

Each guy is wearing a Speedo, mind you. In it, a would-be pedophile preys on a young girl, only to get his due punishment in the form of a supernatural hellscape with a soundtrack to make your ears bleed, when it turns out she's an alien-like demon with the power to thrash him around the room with her mind. The answer: Have him sit on a slowly-moving stretch Lincoln and tell him not to make any big facial expressions. Nice touch with the Hotmail email address at the end, too.

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