Borderlands 2 gaige mods

borderlands 2 gaige mods
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Want that triple barreled bandit do the work, or that Ravager? Much of the basic information was pulled from the wiki, which is not always accurate. And the Health and damage reduction allow Gaige to survive the long CD. Technophile Pretty spot on, we can always see Shrimplings build for reference. Without the boring Bee shield. Outside of this, at high stacks, UF remains very strong.

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borderlands 2 gaige mods

Some COMs could get an update, I guess.

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Class Mod (Borderlands 2)

The reload speed bonus reduces the window where he would be vulnerable between shots. Pros : Faster Stack Building, boosts for those with low stacks, Massive movement speed boost between kills Cons : So5G is wicked out of place. Skills provide reload speed and Fire rate bonus to all weapons. No idea which variants do what, look them up in the Wiki if you want to do down the Infinity Gaige route.

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