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He wanted to punch something, to get that energy release of the connection, and he knew that none of his friends would jump up to be the target of that even if it would make him feel better. Just rest and let me enjoy how right I am while I can. As you came around the final corner to engage the threat, a hand jutted out from the side and clotheslined you across your throat, sending you backwards to the hard pavement with a bang of your head to knock you out cold. This was a complete shift in you and in the person he had come to know, but it was strangely reminiscent of your first encounter when you had resisted so much as talking to him as to keep your distance. You heard steps stop only a few feet away, and when he spoke again, you were definitely relieved to hear that it was Steve. The pain in your head was affecting your vision, leaving you seeing double with a pressure behind your eyes any time that you moved them. Seems to run in your family.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Nat said that this is what you do, remember? Hurrying down the nearest fire escape, you dropped to the ground and ran towards the noise, tapping your hands against each weapon and your pack of gear as you ran just be sure that you were prepared. Something deeply personal was happening to him, something that hurt, and he was deflecting as he always did.

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